YouTV Player Alternatives for iPhone: A Handy List

YouTV Player Alternatives for iPhone: A Handy List

YouTV Player has been a significant game changer in the overall sense, as it has brought all the various types of content on the Internet to the users. Also, it has brought in a lot of variety to the content traditionally available to the users. As we were enjoying the features of YouTV player on the Android platform, we realized that we could not use the app on the iPhone. That is because there are no decent Android emulators on the iOS. So, we decided that we could look at YouTV Player Alternatives for iPhone.

Alternatives of Youtv Player
Youtv player alternatives

YouTV Player Alternatives for iPhone

  1. Vidmate: Vidmate is a very powerful app which is equally popular. This app can also serve nearly all of the purposes of entertainment. Also, the user interface is very well designed and is easy to use. Besides, you can download a whole host of video resolutions as far as videos are concerned. We mean all the way from the humble 360p up to 1080p. Video formats supported include MP4, Flv, WMV, MPEG, AVI, MOV, and 3GP.
  2. Cartoon HD: This app will do nearly everything that the YouTV Player on iPhone will do. It will download and stream movies, music videos, original content, music files including WAV files, and will also fetch subtitles should you so desire. Also, one of the best features of the Cartoon HD app is the fact that it has the ability to double up as a password protector on your device. Besides, it is also able to download the videos you wish to see at any resolution you want to see them in. Like the YouTV player, this too will enable you to stream content on Chromecast, which is an added advantage for obvious reasons.
  3. PlayView: One of the best features of this specific app is the fact that you can access a lot of curated content with a single flick of your finger. Perhaps the fastest app as far as collating newly released movies, TV series, and other content are concerned, it is essential to note that this is not a feature offered by all the entries on this page. Together with the fact that downloading process is made easier, this is an excellent alternative to YouTV player for iPhone.
  4. Tubemate: Tubemate is one of the fastest apps available. It is also one of the safest. The interface is also unique, for it resembles a browser, and is hence easier to comprehend for the uninitiated. Ultimately, we wish other apps were as fast as this one is.

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Wrap Up

In the end, it is necessary to note that while the list of YouTV Player Alternatives for iPhone is not a long one, it most certainly is enriching. Not only is the alternatives list most updated, you can keep on checking this list for we do keep on updating it.


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