How to Solve All The MovieBox Not Working Issues on PC in Just a Few Simple Steps

How to Solve All The MovieBox Not Working Issues on PC in Just a Few Simple Steps

At the outset, let us make one thing clear: out of all the currently available streaming services available for the Google Android platform, one of our most favorite apps is the MovieBox app. It is freely available and is very easy to use as well. However, there are occasions when the MovieBox not working issue props up. Users are often flabbergasted about how to solve such issues. Not to worry, however. We have developed this great guide to solving this issue should it every face you.

MovieBox Not Working on Windows PC: How to solve

In order to defeat any problem, the first and foremost thing that must be kept in mind is why the issue is occurring. Well, since this is a streaming service, it streams the content from a remote server to the local device, such as our computer and our handheld devices. These devices may include our smartphones and tablets. Sometimes, the streaming service breaks down and this issue crops up.

solve moviebox not working
Moviebox not working

These are the ways to beat the MovieBox not working issue.

Step 1. Fix any time and date discrepancy: Note that if there is any time discrepancy between your computer and the remote server, the service will break down. So, in case you are using a Windows PC, you must go to the home screen and then adjust the time and date that you can see n the right-hand corner of the bottom of the screen. It would be best if you set the time and date adjustments to automatic so that whenever the computer is online, the date/time will adjust automatically.

Step 2. Sometimes, the Windows Firewall blocks the streaming service. This is because the Firewall prevents the handshake, so to speak, between the computer and the server. This interrupts the service. So, go to the Contro Panel of the computer and then click on the Firewall service. Once there, you will see that there are exceptions on the left-hand side of the box. Click on that and then tick both the boxes next to the option which says MovieBox. This will successfully create the exception for this specific application.

Step 3. Reinstall the app: If nothing else works, sometimes the old methods work the best. Go to the section of Add or Remove Programs from the Control Panel and then uninstall the program. Reinstalling it should do the trick.

Final Words

In the end, we believe that, by now, you will have solved the MovieBox not working issue. In case you are still encountering this tricky issue, try and replace the app with a comparable app. In many countries, this app does not, unfortunately, function.

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