Interesting Facts about Black Friday you May Not be Knowing

Interesting Facts about Black Friday you May Not be Knowing

While Black Friday may be the biggest shopping day in the US and you may absolutely love to shop on that day every year, but do you have much knowledge about the day itself? Do you know how the day got its name and from where? Well there are many interesting facts about the day which you may not have any idea about. So we have decided to round up some of the most interesting facts about Black Friday and share it with you all here. Take a look!

  • More than 30% Americans Shop on Black Friday: Well you may know that Black Friday is a very popular day but did you have any idea that it was this popular? Last year estimates of the shoppers indicate that a massive 102 million Americans shopped on Black Friday. This is around 32% of the total population of the country! Astonishing isn’t it?
  • Black Friday was Once Called Big Friday: According to a 1975 report published on the New York Times, the term Black Friday was first coined by the Philadelphia Police Department in the early 1960s to denote the mayhem caused by shoppers on the day and the massive traffic snarls and a few accidents that took place. Hence in 1961, a newspaper tried to change the name of the day to Big Friday. However did not become popular with the people and was phased out soon.
  • Black Friday is Now Celebrated in 15 Countries of the World: For many years Black Friday was limited to the United States of America only. Later, the Canadian retailers started to celebrate Black Friday on their own as many residents would cross over to the States to shop at cheaper prices. Now other countries like France, Mexico, UK, Brazil, India and more celebrate the day.
  • Average Customers Spend More Than $400 on Black Friday: This is quite astonishing isn’t it? Reports claim that people spend more than $400 on Black Friday. As per earlier estimates, the number has been on the rise since 2014 and is likely to reach the $500 mark soon. Who knows, it may happen this year itself!
  • Black Friday Used to Mean Something Else Earlier: Well Black Friday may now mean the biggest shopping day of the year, it had a completely different meaning earlier. In the 1800s, the term Black Friday was used to refer to a major Stock Market crash that took place on 24th September 1869. People lost millions of dollars on that day as gold prices fell leading to an economic disaster.

Wrap Up

So these are some of the interesting facts about Black Friday. Are you aware of any of them? You may also let us know about other interesting facts if you know any. if you planning to buy stuff on black friday, feel free to check best black firday deals here.

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