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Check out the top 5 Streaming Apps for your Smartphones

Check out the top 5 Streaming Apps for your Smartphones

With the innovation of Smartphone, the advancement of the service providing apps has flung to a new high. Entertainment is a big part of these service providing apps. In today busy lives we hardly get time to watch a movie or follow our favorite television shows. To resolve the time management issues, certain apps help us to get all our favorite movies and TV shows anytime we want. Here we have discussed such five streaming apps those are the perfect solution for the crave of entertainment.

       1. Cartoon HD

We all love to watch comics, whether it is old or young. And thus Cartoon HD comes as a boon to all cartoon lovers. Cartoon HD app is that popular streaming app which offers us a great number of cartoon shows and movies. But this app is not exclusive for cartoons only and also has a great list of movies too. Even there is an option for adding favorites so that one can watch their chosen movies later.

       2. ShowBox

ShowBox is one of the most popular entertainment apps that not only offers the streaming of a movie or television series, but one can also download the same to watch it later. This is popular for another reason too, and that is its huge collection. There is hardly a film or a television series that you will not get here. So you can download the Showbox app and enjoy entertainment like never before!

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         3. Netflix

If you love international movies and TV shows, then Netflix should be your ultimate choice. None of the entertainment apps have such a grand collection of movies, and TV shows and the best part is the library gets updated in a frequent manner, so there is no possibility of missing out any of your favorite shows here. Netflix is very famous among the TV Series fans.

         4. YouTube

YouTube is the oldest of all streaming apps, and it is serving its viewers for a long time now. It has a huge collection of songs, movies, and television series. It works as a great platform for their commoners who want to showcase their talent in various fields and is able to add their videos to share it with viewers. YouTube has proved to be lucky for many new talents who got recognized through this streaming app on the world platform.

          5. Amazon Prime Video

This one app is the newest in the market and still has grabbed it like none. The reason for its popularity in almost no time is its availability.  It offers almost everything an entertainment app can provide songs, movies, cartoons and television series. With the service costs just Rs. 499 per year, it has become the most affordable video streaming service in India.


Hope the list of the top five mobile streaming apps will help you to understand the benefits of these apps better, and you can choose either any of them or all of them! Download them and have fun!

Top 5 Best Wireless Routers

Top 5 Best Wireless Routers

The task of routers is not limited only to connect PC nowadays, you need to connect it with tablets, or PC with the wireless mode on. The task of choosing the best router for your home can be a tough task if you don’t know the right parameters needed to follow in order to choose the best router for your home. In order to better help you with the task of judging the router best for you, we have combined the list of top 5 available options. In order to buy the best, you may choose to select one of the following options as best router available for home and office based usage.

  1. Asus RT-AC5300 Wireless Router AC5300

The above mentioned Asus model is recommended as the best budget option available while choosing a router that provides the decent range of internet connection in your home. The model comprises of 8 antennae, ideal for the home based router and you get the top of your ISP speed choosing the Asus model considered the best under $500. On the part of media supports you can connect 8 devices with it on a go while enjoying the same sort of speed but on part with a range of this device is low as compared to other Asus models, Asus RT-Ac5300 is ideal for small homes with not much range needed.

  1. NetGear Nighthawk X6

Offered with better bandwidth and the trust of Netgear makes it worth buying for all the gamers in town, the Nighthawk X6 is seen as a predecessor to the Nighthawk X5 with 4 Gigabit LAN support as the feature and 1 GB WAN port. Netgear app connected with the device offers the easiest setup wizard and you can also change your security setting the way you want with simple steps. Netgear boasts the design of this Wi-Fi suites gamers and is ideal for gaming and non-stop online video streaming.

  1. Netgear Nighthawk AC1900

Some of the freshly available features are included in this router that managed to surpass the ranking table to be called as third best router available at present. Features like build-in VPN server and support of the high tech Broadcom Turbo makes it one of the fastest Wi-Fi router which supports a wide range of signals provided with great speed. The sleek design of the Nighthawk allows you to better install it anywhere in your home, for Efficient NAS server you can blindly trust this Netgear model.

  1. D-Link AC 3200

The D-Link known well as the developer of Wi-Fi router in the world and its presence at no.2 spot speaks for it being one of the top performers with most positive votes. The market has voted the router as the best available option for the wide range of Wifi service provider with great built quality.

01 Asus RT AC88U

Asus is known to deliver top class performance and the AC88U model at the top of our table being called as the best router for the year 2018 speaks of it, the particular model supports 4 LAN ports, power etc. The router is compatible with mobile, tablets and even wireless printers.