Cartoon HD Alternatives: What options Do You Have?

Cartoon HD Alternatives: What options Do You Have?

Cartoon HD is one of the most popular video streaming apps in the world right now and it is no surprise that it has proven to be so popular. It has a very simple interface, is easy and intuitive to use, and also has a wide-ranging set of features which all types of users like. However, you might find that at times, the Cartoon HD app is not properly functioning. Under those circumstances, you will have to find out some Cartoon HD alternatives.

Cartoon HD Alternatives

As absurd as it sounds, the Cartoon HD app is a very difficult one to replace. However, we have found out the top replacements for you. This list is not arranged in any manner or preference.

Popcorn Time

This is also an app which is very simple to use and has a lot of inbuilt features which have proven to be pretty popular. One of the most important features of this app is that fact that you can also watch whatever you wish, either movies, or TV series, or other content, in an offline mode: simply click on the option next to each content entry which says ‘save for later.’ The app will work on all three important platforms, Android devices, iOS, and Windows, besides being supported on Linux as well.


Showbox is one of those apps which has given a lot of competition to the other apps on this list. With a great collection of features hiding behind its simple interface, it is every Android user’s dream to use. Not only is it used on Android devices, it can also be used on Apple devices as well. One of the best Cartoon HD alternatives on this list, this app has a lot of added features inside: for example, you can regularly movies teasers and trailers, check out their ratings and also be able to stream them without any hassles. Honestly speaking, we have thoroughly enjoyed the Showbox app over the years.

Cartoon HD Alternatives


Although the name suggests otherwise, the MovieBox app will let you watch and stream all manners of content, including teasers, trailers, other manners of data, all sorts of documentaries, a lot of music videos among other things. Although the user interface is not as simple as the Cartoon HD apps’ is, it will delight all lovers of entertainment and infotainment as well.

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Wrap Up

Thus we end the list of our favorite Cartoon HD alternatives. In case your Cartoon HD app starts to act up or gives you trouble in any manner, you might want to use any one of the options mentioned above. They will all please you.

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