Borderlands 3 Announcement May Be On the Horizon

Borderlands 3 Announcement May Be On the Horizon

The critically acclaimed Borderlands series has been crying out for a new game for a long time. The series that began with the smash hit Borderlands game way back in 2009 has got players so hooked on to it that they still talk about it eight years later. The games come from Texas based game developers Gearbox Software who have mastered the art of delivering one hit game after the other in the series in such a way that leave fans begging for more. Many expect this year to be the marked one when their next Borderlands game, supposed to be called Borderlands 3, will be announced. Let us decode the phenomenon that is Borderlands 3.

Borderlands is a series of video games that belong to the action RPG genre, and being developed in the first person perspective, it allows players to explore the planet and look for the mysterious Vault that holds the greatest power. This Vault becomes the reason why Pandora become the seat of a massive power struggle that ensues over the years.

Borderlands 2 came out in 2012 and introduced new settings, characters, and weapons to the mix. Sequels rarely live up to the popularity of their predecessors, but this was definitely not the case with Gearbox’s massive new game. It is safe to say that the new game became even more acclaimed than the original Borderlands and went on to secure the place for Borderlands as a series with the most amount of potential. The franchise received further additions with a main entry in 2014, titled, Borderlands: The Pre-sequel, and numerous other spinoffs.

Talks about Borderlands 3 started doing the rounds in 2014, when fans started asking Gearbox’s developers if there was a next game on the cards. While the responses were mixed, the company’s CEO Randy Pitchford gave us some hopes about the future of the series. In 2015, Pitchford said that if Borderlands 3 were to happen, it would have to be much bigger than its predecessors, for the Borderlands games had much to live up to. However, one interesting thing that he had added was that Borderlands 3 might be launched with an entirely new title, as the franchise already had three main entries due to the Pre-sequel. In that light, Pitchford said, Borderlands 3 might just be called Borderlands 4.

2016 had a dry run in terms of new information regarding Borderlands 3, but this year has seen some surprising revelations. At this year’s Game Developers Conference, Pitchford showed fans a new technology that the company was working on based on the Unreal Engine 4 which he said might be used in a future Borderlands game. But even though he did not specifically state Borderlands 3, we are pretty sure the demo video that he showcased showed us glimpses of the game’s developmental progress.

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Another interesting information came earlier in April when the Gearbox CEO posted a picture of himself on Twitter which showed him clad in motion capture gear from head to toe. Others who posted similar pictures included the famous pair of magicians, Penn and Teller. The project was clearly a Gearbox undertaking, and Pitchford himself said that he was playing the part of a psycho bandit in an upcoming video game. We think that sounds a lot like Borderlands 3.

So yes, we think a Borderlands 3 announcement is on the horizon, and it might happen this very year. If that does happen, then we expect Borderlands 3 to surface in 2018.

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