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Microsoft Windows 11- All you need to know about update

Microsoft Windows 11- All you need to know about update

As the gap between the launch of Windows 10 and Windows 11 has exceeded the desired expected time in mid-2016, there is a long debate in the market that Windows will launch the new better and more features friendly Windows 11 version of the processing unit. Although there is no announcement on part of Microsoft about the release date of Windows 11 but tech market nowadays predicting the news about the different options of an upgrade in Windows 11. There are several new features we want Windows 11 should add and some of the top rated amongst the list is the fast feature of the wishlist that stores information is the most graded feature we want. Fresh Format design with several new applications and design with ease down shortcuts is the desire of every Windows users.

Windows 11- In a nutshell

The tech industry is waiting for the big change in the present Windows form, Microsoft has not hinted any plans for changing the bigger format and call the change as the Windows 11. In order to meet the expectation of the Windows users, the upgraded apps and other top rated features are being updated at several intervals but the users have expectations and craze for the new version of the Windows with added new options and whole new look to the laptops. As per the plans and schedule for the Windows update, the big tech company is not looking in hurry to showcase the Windows 11. As per the information available from the official Microsoft site the next big plan for the company is to introduce changes as code-name, apps update and Redstone to the users and all these changes will be showcased to the users in the June month of the next year.

Windows 10 The last Operating functional unit??

We all are expecting some new breaking launch from Microsoft to be called as the Windows 11 but during the last interaction with media on the launch of new upgraded apps, Jerry Nixon Microsoft Developer evangelist said in an event that the Windows 10 will be the last series of Windows by Microsoft. Some of the techs took the call as Microsoft will now launch something bigger and unique than Windows and that will surely revolutionize the way we use our Smartphones, PC and Laptops.

Some of the other series of available experts in the field took out the decision that Windows 10 is the last operating unit by Microsoft and there will be changes only to this app based service, no other complex changes will be made as the team of designer decided to reach Windows and PC to remote parts of the world and in case of absence of knowledge people should use the basic version or the available change upgraded level of changes as per the choice.

So, it is finally your call now to see the things above and hope for the best as the Windows information. Stay tuned for any further update on the issue with us.

Things to Note Before Purchasing the Best Car Battery

Things to Note Before Purchasing the Best Car Battery

The battery of a car is certainly one of the most important parts about the vehicle. An automobile definitely needs a car battery to start off the engine and also gives power to the ignition. Just like the exterior and the outlook of the car, even what lies under the hood is also important. Therefore, one should have a wide knowledge before getting his/her hands on the best car battery.

We have given an idea about the things one should keep in mind before purchasing a durable battery which comes with great features in this article. Therefore, this guide might help our readers to understand the requirements of a perfect car battery.

Important Factors to Note before Buying the Best Car Battery

  • Check Warranties: One should note that it is very important to go for a car battery which has the longest warranty. And this factor is quite pivotal because you might be in a soup if your car battery stops working after using it for quite some time. And you will certainly not want that, especially if you have invested a lot of money on that.
  • Size of the Battery: You should check out the size of the battery before getting your hands on the best car battery. It is also crucial to check whether the battery fits your car or not as well. Therefore, it is certainly an important point to keep in mind.
  • Maintenance of the Battery: You really need to keep a check on your car battery to see whether it is working properly or not. Therefore, the maintenance is very important or else your car might not start if the battery stops working.
  • Annual Battery Check: You might purchase the most premium battery available in the market and may think that an annual check is not required. But is very important to do so. And you should also get the load test of your car thoroughly checked by a mechanic once in a year.
  • It Should be a Fresh Battery: The battery which you will buy will obviously get old at one point of time but to maintain its durability, you must not buy anything which is more than 6 months old. Therefore, you should keep this particular point in mind before buying the best car battery.

The above mentioned pointers are very important to keep in mind before going for a first-rate battery which is sold in the market. Therefore, you should certainly note these points down.

Wrap Up

There are several premium batteries available in the market and Optima and Exide are one of them. You can find these car batteries on all the leading e-commerce sites due to which you won’t face problem regarding the availability of it.

Just like the way we look out for the most outstanding cars, it is also important to buy the best car battery for our vehicles. The functioning of it does depend upon it the most.

Top 5 Best Wireless Routers

Top 5 Best Wireless Routers

The task of routers is not limited only to connect PC nowadays, you need to connect it with tablets, or PC with the wireless mode on. The task of choosing the best router for your home can be a tough task if you don’t know the right parameters needed to follow in order to choose the best router for your home. In order to better help you with the task of judging the router best for you, we have combined the list of top 5 available options. In order to buy the best, you may choose to select one of the following options as best router available for home and office based usage.

  1. Asus RT-AC5300 Wireless Router AC5300

The above mentioned Asus model is recommended as the best budget option available while choosing a router that provides the decent range of internet connection in your home. The model comprises of 8 antennae, ideal for the home based router and you get the top of your ISP speed choosing the Asus model considered the best under $500. On the part of media supports you can connect 8 devices with it on a go while enjoying the same sort of speed but on part with a range of this device is low as compared to other Asus models, Asus RT-Ac5300 is ideal for small homes with not much range needed.

  1. NetGear Nighthawk X6

Offered with better bandwidth and the trust of Netgear makes it worth buying for all the gamers in town, the Nighthawk X6 is seen as a predecessor to the Nighthawk X5 with 4 Gigabit LAN support as the feature and 1 GB WAN port. Netgear app connected with the device offers the easiest setup wizard and you can also change your security setting the way you want with simple steps. Netgear boasts the design of this Wi-Fi suites gamers and is ideal for gaming and non-stop online video streaming.

  1. Netgear Nighthawk AC1900

Some of the freshly available features are included in this router that managed to surpass the ranking table to be called as third best router available at present. Features like build-in VPN server and support of the high tech Broadcom Turbo makes it one of the fastest Wi-Fi router which supports a wide range of signals provided with great speed. The sleek design of the Nighthawk allows you to better install it anywhere in your home, for Efficient NAS server you can blindly trust this Netgear model.

  1. D-Link AC 3200

The D-Link known well as the developer of Wi-Fi router in the world and its presence at no.2 spot speaks for it being one of the top performers with most positive votes. The market has voted the router as the best available option for the wide range of Wifi service provider with great built quality.

01 Asus RT AC88U

Asus is known to deliver top class performance and the AC88U model at the top of our table being called as the best router for the year 2018 speaks of it, the particular model supports 4 LAN ports, power etc. The router is compatible with mobile, tablets and even wireless printers.

Borderlands 3 Announcement May Be On the Horizon

Borderlands 3 Announcement May Be On the Horizon

The critically acclaimed Borderlands series has been crying out for a new game for a long time. The series that began with the smash hit Borderlands game way back in 2009 has got players so hooked on to it that they still talk about it eight years later. The games come from Texas based game developers Gearbox Software who have mastered the art of delivering one hit game after the other in the series in such a way that leave fans begging for more. Many expect this year to be the marked one when their next Borderlands game, supposed to be called Borderlands 3, will be announced. Let us decode the phenomenon that is Borderlands 3.

Borderlands is a series of video games that belong to the action RPG genre, and being developed in the first person perspective, it allows players to explore the planet and look for the mysterious Vault that holds the greatest power. This Vault becomes the reason why Pandora become the seat of a massive power struggle that ensues over the years.

Borderlands 2 came out in 2012 and introduced new settings, characters, and weapons to the mix. Sequels rarely live up to the popularity of their predecessors, but this was definitely not the case with Gearbox’s massive new game. It is safe to say that the new game became even more acclaimed than the original Borderlands and went on to secure the place for Borderlands as a series with the most amount of potential. The franchise received further additions with a main entry in 2014, titled, Borderlands: The Pre-sequel, and numerous other spinoffs.

Talks about Borderlands 3 started doing the rounds in 2014, when fans started asking Gearbox’s developers if there was a next game on the cards. While the responses were mixed, the company’s CEO Randy Pitchford gave us some hopes about the future of the series. In 2015, Pitchford said that if Borderlands 3 were to happen, it would have to be much bigger than its predecessors, for the Borderlands games had much to live up to. However, one interesting thing that he had added was that Borderlands 3 might be launched with an entirely new title, as the franchise already had three main entries due to the Pre-sequel. In that light, Pitchford said, Borderlands 3 might just be called Borderlands 4.

2016 had a dry run in terms of new information regarding Borderlands 3, but this year has seen some surprising revelations. At this year’s Game Developers Conference, Pitchford showed fans a new technology that the company was working on based on the Unreal Engine 4 which he said might be used in a future Borderlands game. But even though he did not specifically state Borderlands 3, we are pretty sure the demo video that he showcased showed us glimpses of the game’s developmental progress.

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Another interesting information came earlier in April when the Gearbox CEO posted a picture of himself on Twitter which showed him clad in motion capture gear from head to toe. Others who posted similar pictures included the famous pair of magicians, Penn and Teller. The project was clearly a Gearbox undertaking, and Pitchford himself said that he was playing the part of a psycho bandit in an upcoming video game. We think that sounds a lot like Borderlands 3.

So yes, we think a Borderlands 3 announcement is on the horizon, and it might happen this very year. If that does happen, then we expect Borderlands 3 to surface in 2018.

Fans are Expecting More types of Games in FIFA 18

Fans are Expecting More types of Games in FIFA 18

The world of video games has come across a number of changes since the advent of the new millennium. There has been a drastic change that can be noticed since the onset of the second decade of the twenty-first century, thanks to the improvements which have taken place in the field of technology. And the changes can be noticed in the almost all the genres of the game. However, if one has kept an eye on the development of the games in the FIFA franchise one can certainly notice the changes which have taken place.

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In the ongoing year, we have had a number of games waiting to be released. And among those one of the biggest names is FIFA 18, if not the biggest one. Fans are really excited about the game, and that is quite obvious for there are a number of changes that are expected to come with the launch of the game FIFA 18. The fans are of the opinion that the developers of the game should take care of the glitches which somewhat hampered the successful running of the game FIFA 17 despite the arrival of the Frostbite engine. So, one can understand that FIFA 18 will bring in some sort of change in the game FIFA 18.

Other than the changes in the graphics which will perhaps fix the glitches in the animation of the game, there are a number of other things that the fans want the developers to take care of. One such is the type of games, particularly in women’s football. The available versions of the game do have women’s football, but it is certainly not at par with the men’s football. Like one cannot engage playing in the manager mode with a women’s football team, and this is something that is going to be added; the fans would be eager to see these things getting added to the types of games which can be played in FIFA 18.

Not just that, the Journey mode in the game FIFA 18 is something that fans would be really excited about. It would be really absorbing to find out whether the developer of the FIFA 18 Game, Electronic Arts (EA) eventually adds these things or not. But if these things get added, it would be really great for the FIFA fanatics for that would give them more option while playing the game FIFA 18.

Other than that there is a general idea that the developers will also improve the artificial intelligence which is there in the game. There have been occasions when the commentary of the game does not sync with the game which are going on. So a development in the AI of the game will surely fix these things. The gamers are surely excited about these changes.

However, it depends upon the consent of the developers of the game FIFA 18 whether such new things are going to be added in the game or not. But if this happens, it will be really great for the gamers who have been eagerly waiting for the game to get launched in the second half of the year 2017.

WWE 2K18 Is Expected to launched in the Month of October

WWE 2K18 Is Expected to launched in the Month of October

With the setting in of the new millennium, the world of video games has seen a lot of incredible things getting incorporated, thanks to the kind of development that has taken place over the years. This unbelievable development in the field of technology has resulted in some mind-blowing innovations in the sphere of video games somewhat directly. As time has moved on, the changes in the video games have become all the more evident. It is really great that the changes have been mostly noted in the open world games and the sports games particularly.

WWE 2K18 Release Date

When it comes to the sports games and open world games, the one which deals with sports gets the call ahead of the other. That has been the general trend although not everyone might agree with that. This is because there have been quite a huge number of video game players who opt for the open world games ahead of the sports game. But when it comes to the top sports games, there is a long list to choose. From that list, among the ones which always manage to emerge on top we have the games in the WWE 2K Series. The developers of the game, throughout such a long journey which has been more than a decade-long, has come up with some great innovations, and the fans have accepted that gleefully. And something similar is expected to happen when 2K Games unveils WWE 2K18.

Despite that, there have been occasions when the fans were left dissatisfied with the performance put up by a game in the WWE 2K Series. And we have seen that immediately in the next edition there is a stark change in the approach to the game. And this is exactly something that the fans of the games in the WWE 2K Series are hoping for. The latest edition of the game which is available on the market has at times failed to fulfill the expectations of the gamers, and that is why they are eagerly looking forward to the release of the game WWE 2K18.

There have been quite a lot of discussions going on around in the market regarding the release date of the game WWE 2K18. And here is good news for them. Reports have rushed in from reliable sources that the WWE 2K18 release date is scheduled in October 17. Though it hasn’t been officially announced that the event is going to take place on October 17 which has also raised expectations that the game will perhaps come out on October 24, one thing is for sure that the game will be launched in one of the Tuesdays in the month of October.

There have been suggestions that there are going to be a number of changes in the game WWE 2K18 which will address the glitches which were there in the previous editions of the game. But once again, nothing has been officially stated. It is believed that there might be an overhaul of the engine on which the game runs. And it is one of the things that is subject to further confirmation which will happen when WWE 2K18 releases officially.

iOS 11 to Sport Some More Emojis?

iOS 11 to Sport Some More Emojis?

Whenever we talk about functioning of a gadget, the first one recalls is the system which it runs on, and then strikes the term operating system. The processor or the chipset of a particular device might help in functioning it but the one thing which just cannot be ignored is the operating system. It starts operating when the user switched on the gadget and then the display of it starts featuring every application that has been installed on the respected gadget. Even the people who work on making the operating system, who are called as developers try to put all the concentration while making the operating system. Hence, this is a vital part of any device, be it a Smartphone or anything else. iOS, this term is very common as the OS one the renowned ones in the market. Though Android and Windows are also there and even Blackberry is a great operating system but the competitiveness among them is at its peak and many people declared that all the versions of the operating system, iOS has by far given the best performances. However, we know that Apple has made ten generations of the renowned OS and people are overwhelmed with it. Each and every OS has stood out as favorable and each one of them got reviewed well for the features. The tenth generation was totally amazing and hardly has it acquired complains. The best part was of course the part of digital message, the way people could send awesome digital texts was actually not imagined before something like that was put forward. However, the photo section and the revamping was also great and commendable. There is no doubt that the eleventh generation will be featuring spellbinding and optimum features. iOS 11 is the next big hope and it can be the greatest game changer in the market of operating systems.

iOS 11 release date has probabilities of getting the date in September as almost every version has been unraveled in the same month as September. However, the tenth generation of the renowned operating system introduced some extra emojis for the Apple users and now even the iOS is predicted to feature some more emojis which would surely please the users.

The battery of out devices is the biggest concern and it seems that iOS 11 will be boosting it when it finally launches. A discussion about the anticipated doze mode feature is on and iOS 11 might just come up with the talked about feature. So the Doze Mode would work in such a way that it would obviously boost battery. Therefore, the Doze Mode feature is now expected by many of the Apple users.

However, Siri is another thing which people would obviously looking forward to. Revamping the AI will be a great thing and this revamping may just put Siri ahead. Even the FaceTime might just get redecorated by adding the group video calling. This would be another advantageous things for the users.

However, The surmising of the iOS 11 seems to be highly commendable which surely will be beneficial. before upgrading to latest version, please check the ios 11 comparability, is your iDevice support ios 11 or not?